Joyful and Easy Video Production

Let’s create an experience that is fun and creative! 

Mox Nix Media is a video production company based in Los Angeles, CA.  With no contracts or deposits, I can create your video and you decide if you like it, before you buy it.  There is no pressure, for you or for me.  So we can make videos together in an open and easy space where creativity can thrive.

​Mox nix means “it makes no difference”
Pay if you like the video if you don’t it’s okay, we tried.

Relaxing in a field of blue flowers.

Ready to get started?

1. Send me your concept and goals for the video, along with what assets you have or need. You can provide your own assets or I can get them for you.

2. I will create the video and send you a watermarked video proof for your review. It typically takes me a few days to a week for each finished minute.

3. If you are happy with it I will invoice you, and after payment is received I will send you a link to download your video.  I will only used properly licensed assets and you will own the rights to the final video.

Writing  |  Production  |  Editing

Pricing varies for each project, so please email me your ideas and I will create a quote for your video.  We can use your footage, shoot something custom, or utilize stock videos and music.

Want to work together?  Email me your ideas at brenda.urquhart@gmail.com